What Types of Dental Restoration Are Part of a Smile Makeover?

What Types of Dental Restoration Are Part of a Smile Makeover? from Healthy Dental Center in Des Plaines, ILIs a smile makeover right for you? It is if you are tired of looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. Your teeth and gums may bother you aesthetically, and there could even be some serious health concerns because of the condition. The good news is your dentist can recommend and perform different treatments to restore your smile. These efforts can improve your appearance and the way you feel.

Why people want to get a smile makeover

A first impression can have a significant impact on the way people see others. Since a smile is often the first thing people notice, it is important to have nice-looking teeth and gums. When a tooth is broken, chipped, discolored, or crooked, it can hamper a smile. Correcting the issue can help with self-esteem. People also look for treatments for dental imperfections to overcome health issues. Tooth decay, infections, and gum disease are common among people who struggle with these conditions.


Of all the problems a person could have with their smile, tooth loss could be the most serious. Losing a tooth can be embarrassing. It can also change a person’s speech, the shape of their face, and the type of diet they can have. Dentures can restore the individual’s smile and function of the mouth. The appliance consists of a gum-colored acrylic base with artificial teeth attached to it. The base fits over the gums or attaches to dental implants.

Dental implant

For a long-lasting smile makeover, implants are a good choice. These can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of a person’s teeth. Getting implants requires at least two surgeries and several months of recovery. The dentist drives titanium posts deep into the jaw and then places abutment pieces on top. A crown goes on each abutment. Once complete, this process provides a durable solution and a strong bite force.

Teeth whitening

For some patients, a smile makeover is mostly about aesthetics. When years of poor oral hygiene or eating foods that stain have discolored the teeth, it may be time for tooth whitening. The dentist can offer in-office treatments to remove the yellow, brown, or gray stains. In-office treatments use a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel and light to break down the stains. The effects can be almost immediate and last for more than a year.


A dental crown is a frequent treatment in a smile makeover. This device fits entirely over a damaged or weak tooth. It protects it and improves its appearance. A crown comes in a natural size, shape, and color.

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Your new smile awaits

Stop living with anxiety or fear about your smile. Help is available at your dentist’s office. Talk to your dentist today about which smile makeover method makes the most sense for your condition. You could be the right candidate for one of these options and to start right away. You can then go forward feeling good about your appearance and health.

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