Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic crowns & Veneer

BEFORE                                     AFTER

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We can't stop smiling at this beautiful makeover!

A beautiful smile makeover!

Simple improvement of discolored teeth using crowns


Braces & invisalign

Using Invisalign to close large spacing and improve this smile just a little more

Invisalign has made the smile more natural by removing the crossbite and moving the baby tooth

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Open bite closure with orthodontic treatment


Diastema closure after orthodontic treatment

Open bite closure using braces 

Full Mouth Reconstruction


It's never too late to change your smile  - this patient could not stop smiling!

A combination of implants and crowns to restore a long lasting, healthy smile


Cosmetic Filling

New filling due to recurrent decay

Baby tooth makeover

Tooth decay restored to a healthy cosmetic filling

Teeth can be fixed esthetically in one day with fillings

Toothpaste abfraction (destruction of enamel at the gum line) can be treated with a simple filling

Chipped front teeth are a nightmare, but thankfully they can be repaired to look very natural! 


Laser whitening

We can provide several options for whitening, but ultimately laser whitening gets you the best results!