Can a Smile Makeover Repair Tooth Erosion?

Can a Smile Makeover Repair Tooth Erosion? from Healthy Dental Center in Des Plaines, IL Getting the right smile makeover is a form of dental rescue for your eroded enamel. It can be annoying at first, but without treatment, it can be a serious dental issue. Among the causes of tooth or enamel erosion, drinking soda is the most damaging. Drinking such sugary and acidic beverages can wear down your enamel right away. If you want to know if a smile makeover can restore your eroded teeth, here are the details.

Dental veneers

Porcelain veneers are quick and permanent dental restorations. These are thin porcelain shells capable of covering any imperfection on the surface of teeth. Veneers can treat the symptoms of eroded enamel. The dentist will bond the shells to the front of the teeth. It will act as a shield against environmental elements. This smile makeover option protects the dentin from exposure.

Dental veneers are also capable of strengthening the weakened tooth. Getting these restorations needs two dental appointments. The first smile makeover appointment involves preparing the teeth for dental impressions. The dentist will shave off some of the existing enamel. This will ensure the proper fit of the porcelain shells. Dental impressions will help create custom-fit shells.

The dentist will match the shells to the color of the patient’s teeth. This will make the veneers blend with the neighboring dentition. A teeth-whitening treatment must take place first if the patient wants whiter teeth. This will give the dentist the chance to lighten the shade of the shells. Porcelain veneers are permanent and stain-free as well. This will be less stressful for the patient to maintain.

Dental crowns

Crowns or caps can fit well over the exposed surface of teeth. The dentist must first shave off a significant amount of healthy tooth structure. This will allow the crowns to fit well over the tooth. The dentist will inject a local anesthetic to make the procedure painless.

Worn enamel can worsen. The tooth becomes more vulnerable to damage. It will be easier for bacteria to penetrate the tooth. This will then result in cavities. A smile makeover in the form of a dental crown can cover the entire tooth surface. It can then protect the weakened tooth from more damage.

Dental crowns can also help restore the tooth. The dentist can perform a root canal to preserve the tooth structure and clear the infected pulp. After disinfecting and filling the dental space with gutta-percha, the dentist will bond the dental crown over the tooth. This will hold the tooth together and bring it back to its former healthy appearance.

Composite bonding

Another term for this is dental bonding or cosmetic bonding. This bonds composite resin to the weakened tooth enamel. Resin does not need bonding material to attach to the enamel layer. It is an ideal smile makeover option for strengthening the tooth. Dental bonding can also decrease the yellow coloration caused by dentin exposure. This treatment can last for about five to seven years.

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A smile makeover can support and restore your eroded tooth

The enamel is a strong substance. It can last for a lifetime protecting your teeth with proper care and maintenance. But specific foods and drinks can erode the enamel layer of teeth. You can bring back your tooth’s protection and healthy appearance with a smile makeover. An appointment with your dentist can give you the right option for treating this dental issue.

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